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All the Colors of the Night

Vintage horror (mostly giallo) + synthy music (mostly italo disco). 53 minutes.

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Grace Jones, Pac-Man and Bea Arthur are here to wish you a merry Christmas. Finally. 55 minutes.

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VHS distortion is the official medium by which we experience '80s nostalgia. 125 minutes.

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Here, These Are Shorter


Human Lanterns

A 1982 horror-wuxia hybrid + “Desire” by Roni Griffith.

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Violet Belladonna

The anime Belladonna of Sadness + “Hairy Trees” by Goldfrapp.

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Marion / Marion

The original Psycho + the Gus Van Sant Psycho + “Reflektor” by the Arcade Fire.

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Bayou Boogeyman

The Bunyip song from Dot and the Kangaroo + a messed up version of “Bayou Boogie” from Donkey Kong Country 2.

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Monday Afternoon Movie

The made-for-TV horror movies you don’t remember, conveniently repackaged in an abbreviated form.

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Rock the Box

Scenes of 1980s mall life + Sylvester’s “Rock the Box,” put together for a bar event that never ended up happening but anyway.

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Mall Madness

The opening theme to Chopping Mall + time lapse footage of shopping malls. Made for the same project.

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Giallo Workout

The theme to Tenebre by Goblin + a bunch of ’80s workout videos. Made for no reason in particular.

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Clara Undestroyed

The 1979 Sanrio stop motion version of The Nutcracker + the italo disco song “I Want to Fly Away” by Blue Russell.

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Saint Seiya

Also known as Knights of the Zodiac, the series is the gayest TV series about armor and astrology. Video set to “My Little Japanese Boy” by Baby’s Gang.

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Final Fight + “Dance It Down” by The Pool. Trust me.

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Princess Peach

A collection of clips from a 1986 Super Mario Bros. anime that I edited for a blog project, collected here just because if you made it this far, you might be interested in watching.

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The Supercuts

I taught myself how to edit video in order to make abbreviated versions of weird movies that I wanted people to see, if only to appreciate the most bonkers parts.

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My name is Drew Mackie. I have a dog and a mustache. (See photo.)

I am a writer, reporter and editor (both kinds) who lives in Los Angeles and spends a lot of time thinking about weird movies I saw years ago. This site is my collection of videos that I make as a weird side hobby, just because I think they’re neat. 

Here’s how you can contact me online or check out other things I have done.

I'm probably other places too. Make a game out of it! See where you can find me online! 

Phanto Films isn't so much a business as it is just a way for me to group all my weird video projects in one place should anyone see one, think it’s cool and want to see more.

I don’t really know what I'm doing.